Summer is a Perfect Time for Adjusting your HVAC System by APS Hoods

HVAC Summer Issues Denver

Image Source Denver, CA – While commercial kitchens always run hotter than dining areas, in the summertime–restaurant kitchens become can become hazardously hot. Furthermore, restaurant owners find that their energy bills–from cooling, fan use, and unbalanced air, etc.–increase dramatically. This ends up leeching resources from their profits. It also makes summer an ideal time to fine-tune… Read More »

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Drop Tile Ceilings: APS Hoods Talks Best Materials For Restaurant Kitchens

Drop Tile Ceilings for Restaurant Kitchen Denver

Image Source Denver, CO – If you are in the process of building or renovating your restaurant kitchen, many questions are bound to arise about which materials are best to use. It is not just about aesthetic value either, but about fire safety, cleaning efficiency, and ease of repair. Let our experts at APS Hoods… Read More »

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The Importance of Makeup Air in Commercial Kitchens

Make-up Air Service Commercial Kitchens Denver

Image Source Denver, CO – The same exhaust fans that are keeping your commercial kitchen comfortable and protecting the area from overheating may also be creating air imbalance problems throughout your establishment. Because the size, design, door and window placement of every building varies, the mechanism by which the atmosphere of your restaurant can best… Read More »

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APS Hoods Explains Kitchen Power Cleaning

Kitchen Power Cleaning Los Angeles

Image Source Los Angeles, CA – If you own a commercial kitchen for any length of time, chances are– you have probably rented a power washer or have contracted commercial power cleaning professionals. The truth is, this service is almost mandatory, as it not only cosmetically improves the look of your restaurant, but also protects… Read More »

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How Often Do Each of Your Vent Systems Need to be Replaced?

Vent Systems Replacement in Colorado

Image Source Orange County, CA – The ventilation system in your commercial kitchen or food prep facility can prevent the air from becoming polluted and can also prevent fires. If you have recently installed your vent hoods or it’s been a couple years, replacement isn’t likely. Even in the busiest of kitchens, these components are… Read More »

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7 Energy Cost “Busters” for Today’s Busy Commercial Kitchens

Lowering Kitchen Energy Costs, Colorado

Image Source Orange County, CA – The cost of food, equipment, and overhead is enough to cripple many food establishments unless precautions are taken. Restaurant managers should prioritize the lowering of energy costs if the business hopes to remain solvent long into the future. Here are the steps to follow when you want to minimize… Read More »

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Fire Sprinkler Maintenance: 6 Tips for Between Inspections

Maintaining fire sprinkler systems in Wyoming

Image Source Cheyenne, WY – Fire sprinkler systems are often hard to maintain and are easy to forget about, but making sure that they are kept in good repair all year long is important. In fires where sprinkler systems failed, 69% of them were due to water not reaching the fire. Here are 6 Tips… Read More »

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Restaurant Kitchen Deep Clean: How Long Will the Kitchen be Down and is It Worth It?

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Denver, CO

Image Source Denver, CO – One of the most important, and most overlooked, parts of running a great restaurant is doing a deep clean. While it’s easy to have regular employees do the dishes, wipe the counters, and mop the floors, it’s harder to make time to do the deep cleaning. Deeper cleaning, like cleaning… Read More »

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How to Master Fire Prevention in the Workplace

Workplace Fire Prevention Denver

Source Denver, CO – Each year, fires cause serious damage to property, sometimes even resulting in injury and death. One of the most effective strategies to protect a building against fire is for management to educate everyone on staff regarding methods of fire prevention and urge them to report any possible fire hazards so that… Read More »

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