10 tips to how often restaurant equipment should be cleaned or serviced


Commercial kitchen restaurants should be cleaned and inspected regularly, which includes appliances. For best results, a schedule should be devised so that all stoves, fridges, deep fryers, ovens, and ventilation hoods are assessed for defects and damages. Those appliances should also be put on a regular cleaning schedule. This keeps your commercial kitchen operating as… Read More »

Commercial Kitchen Appearances Matter – The Importance of a Pristine Exhaust Hood Finish

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Most commercial kitchens resemble a shimmering chrome wonderland on opening day. All that equipment like your vent hoods gleaming in the fluorescent lighting invoke mouth-watering images of all the delicious meals set to be prepared for years to come.  However, it only takes a single busy shift for all your commercial kitchen equipment to become… Read More »

Exhaust Hood System Cleaning & Kitchen Maintenance Best Practices for Busy Restaurants

Hood Cleaning

Every restaurant owner strives to maintain a clean restaurant, but this task becomes ever more difficult the busier your eatery gets. Keeping your HVAC system clean is a significant aspect of restaurant cleanliness, and this holds especially true for your commercial kitchen exhaust hood system. The Importance of Clean Vent Hoods Having proper ventilation in… Read More »

All You Need to Know About Restaurant Hood Maintenance to Protect Your Investment

Restaurant Hood Maintenance

Your restaurant hood system controls the ventilation in your commercial kitchen and keeps grease buildup to an absolute minimum. If your vent hood system is not properly maintained, all that grease, debris, and other dirty materials can get kicked into your kitchen’s atmosphere, leading to foul odors permeating your otherwise family-friendly environment while increasing the… Read More »

10 Things to Look for When Searching for Professional Hood Cleaning Services

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Some business owners avoid searching for professional hood cleaning services because they feel their staff can perform the task better. However, if you truly want to protect your restaurant, and your time and financial investments, you owe it to yourself to hire professionals who can deliver the training, experience, and proper tools to do a… Read More »

What Do Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Services Entail?

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Like most restaurant owners, you probably have an equipment maintenance checklist that includes checking equipment for failure and ensuring appliances are working efficiently for maximum energy savings. However, if you don’t have a proper cleaning checklist, you should get one fast. Cleaning a commercial kitchen involves a ton of elbow grease and the knowledge to… Read More »

The Air Duct Cleaning Process – How Duct and Vent Cleaning Works

restaurant duct cleaning

Running a restaurant or other type of commercial kitchen business requires you to maintain your business at every angle. One area where many business owners tend to lack is in the cleaning of all air ducts throughout the establishment. Over time, the air ducts in a restaurant can become caked with grease and other particulates,… Read More »

Summer is a Perfect Time for Adjusting your HVAC System by APS Hoods

HVAC Summer Issues Denver

Image Source Denver, CA – While commercial kitchens always run hotter than dining areas, in the summertime–restaurant kitchens become can become hazardously hot. Furthermore, restaurant owners find that their energy bills–from cooling, fan use, and unbalanced air, etc.–increase dramatically. This ends up leeching resources from their profits. It also makes summer an ideal time to fine-tune… Read More »

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