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Restaurants and commercial kitchens rely on powerful fans to assist with the ventilation process. Without these fans, smoke, steam, heat, and grease would build-up, leading to poorer food quality, tainted air quality, and the dangerous risk of fire.

Here is a complete rundown of the fan services we offer. If you still have questions, contact one of our expert technicians for answers, and for a free and honest quote.

Hood Installation and Replacement

We take a customer-focused approach to each fan installation project. We look at your system from the inside out so that we can provide you with installation or replacement services that mesh with your ventilation needs and budget.

The Restaurant Exhaust Fan Installation Process

We take special care to service your exhaust fans as per the manufacturer’s instructions. There are many brands, makes, and models to select from when it comes to exhaust systems, and APS-Hoods works with them all.

Equipment Inspection

Before we can install a new exhaust fan or replace your current one, we need to inspect your equipment for any interior or exterior damage. We are looking specifically for bolts that need to be re-tightened or screws that have become loose. We also turn the blower wheel by hand to make sure the mechanism is able to rotate freely.

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Prepare the Site

The next step is to select and prepare the site where the fan will be installed. If the project involves a replacement, this will be easy. For new installation, the goal is to place the fan as close as possible to the area it will be serving, such as on the roof directly over your commercial kitchen. This helps us avoid any long or twisted duct runs. At the same time, we ensure the fan is placed at least ten feet away from the supply intakes.


Most roof area ventilators are designed to be installed on a prefabricated roof curb. We follow the curb manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation. APS-hoods install the fan on a curb no less than 14 inches above any surface. We then ensure the duct connection and fan outlet mechanisms are properly aligned and sealed appropriately. APS-hoods make sure all fasteners are tightened before moving to the roof mounting stage.

Roof Mounting

Next comes the installation of the roof-mounted up-blast restaurant exhaust fan. We connect flexible ducting to the exhaust fan to ensure proper airflow. Once the fan is installed, the electrical system is connected and tested to ensure the exhaust system works as intended for efficient ventilation.

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    Hood Installation and Replacement | Restaurant Exhaust Fan

    Commercial Exhaust Hood Cleaning & Kitchen Hood Fan Cleaning

    When it comes to the cleaning of your exhaust fan, it often becomes necessary to also clean the commercial exhaust hood. As such, these two services go hand in hand. Here is the process we follow to ensure your hood and fan are as clean as possible for proper function.

    Degrease the Vent Hoods

    Over time, ventilation hoods can become caked with grease. To get them clean, our technicians will disassemble, clean, and degrease the hood. We will remove and clean the grease cups and degrease the filter tracts and grease troughs.

    Fan Removal

    We then remove the roof or wall-mounted fans from the ductwork before degreasing the base of the fan, along with the shroud and each individual blade.

    Fan Inspection

    Our technicians will inspect the exhaust fan and fan belt. We are looking specifically for worn out or loose fan belts, which can then be replaced or tightened as needed.

    Clean Hood and Fan Components

    The next step in the fan cleaning process involves the scrubbing and degreasing of all hood filters, hood parts, and accessories. If any components need to be replaced, this is the time to do it.

    Benefits of Kitchen Hood Fan Cleaning

    We recommend regular fan cleaning for a variety of important reasons. We know you care about your restaurant or commercial kitchen, so here are four excellent reasons to partner with APS-Hoods to ensure your exhaust system is always clean and up to code.

    Fire Prevention

    Scheduling the routine cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system can lower the risk of fire. By degreasing your ventilation system, you are eliminating grease build-up and other flammable residues. This protects your equipment, staff, and customers while ensuring the safety of your property and your community.

    Energy Efficiency

    A clean kitchen exhaust system allows for improved airflow. More effective ventilation can increase the efficiency and performance of your fan and all associated equipment. More efficient equipment will give you higher production rates for a reduced cost. You will save money on energy bills and maintenance fees in the future.

    Environmental Safety

    A commercial kitchen exhaust system vaporizes grease as it moves from stovetop to rooftop. Over time, heavy amounts of grease particles can wind up in the air, creating an environmental safety hazard. When you schedule regular fan and exhaust cleaning, you decrease the levels of contaminated air for a more inviting dining environment. On top of that, APS-Hoods only uses eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for the local environment.

    Protection of Health

    When you take action and hire a company like APS-Hoods to clean your exhaust fan system, you improve the living and working atmosphere of your commercial kitchen. This can result in higher staff morale and a more enjoyable dining experience for your customers. Protecting your employees from airborne contaminants can lead to decreased absences due to sick leave while improving your dining environment can lead to better reviews and more repeat business.

    Scheduled Cleaning of Hoods

    Local jurisdictions usually have codes and laws that regulate how often a restaurant ventilation hood needs to be cleaned. Most jurisdictions follow the requirements established by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), and more specifically NFPA 96, which are designed to standardize the process of testing and cleaning vent hoods and components.

    The frequency with which you should have your vent hoods cleaned will depend on the type of cooking your restaurant performs and how much volume is produced each day.

    For high volume restaurants, we recommend having your fans, vents, and components cleaned at least once each quarter. For moderate volume cooking, we recommend semi-annual cleaning, and for low volume cleaning, we recommend annual cleaning for best results.

    Contact APS-Hoods to discuss the regular cleaning of your fans, hoods, and components for a cleaner and safer commercial kitchen environment.

    Call APS-Hoods for a free estimate

    Complete Servicing and Cleaning of HVAC Air Ducts

    In addition to fan cleaning, we also recommend having our technicians service and clean your HVAC air ducts. Doing so can lower the risk of fire, as air ducts are known for collecting heavy amounts of grease and other flammable particulates. In fact, poorly cleaned hoods cause around 20% of all fires.

    Cleaning your HVAC ducts can also remove bacteria like e. Coli and salmonella, which can make people sick, and prevent your HVAC system from overheating, which can lead to faster food spoilage, bacteria growth, and the thriving of mold.

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    How Often Should Your Ducts Be Cleaned?

    For the best results, we recommend having your HVAC duct system cleaned once per year. Four times per year might be better if your commercial kitchen prepares a high volume of meal offerings on a regular basis.

    Fan Belt Replacements

    Fan belts can become faulty, loose, or break down completely for a number of reasons. When a fan belt does begin to go bad, your kitchen and dining areas can fill up with dangerous smoke. When this happens, your exhaust fan belt will need to be replaced immediately.

    It is always best to replace a fan belt before it gets to that point. That is why APS-Hoods offers full-scale exhaust fan inspections, which includes the fan belt.

    We offer three, six, and twelve-month fan belt inspections to ensure your equipment is always working as it should.

    In addition to exhaust fan inspections, we offer fan motor installation, hinge kit installations, bearing installations, and fan pulley installations. We can also provide you with bearing greasing to extend the life of your equipment for long into the future.

    Restaurant Exhaust Fan Repair

    If you hear a funny noise when you turn on your vent hood, you might be in need of exhaust fan repair. Aps-Hoods offers reliable commercial exhaust fan repair.

    Once we diagnose the problem, we can perform the following actions.

    • Replace all drive belts.

    • Record the amperage of the fan motor after the belts are replaced.

    • Lubricate the fan bearings in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

    With quality fan repair or replacement as needed, we can ensure that your exhaust system is working as it should for a cleaner kitchen environment.

    How Do You Know When You Need Fan Service?

    When the exhaust fan system is working correctly, your commercial kitchen and the air around it stays clean. When your fan needs service, you will usually know it right away. Here are some signs to look out for that could indicate that you need restaurant exhaust fan repair or maintenance as soon as possible.

    Grease Buildup

    When too much grease builds up in and around your ventilation system, you could face the risk of fire, and your fan system could break down. Only when this grease buildup is thoroughly cleaned can you hope for your fan system to run efficiently once more.

    Excess Energy Costs

    An exhaust fan that isn’t working properly can cause excessive airflow, which can, in turn, increase your HVAC costs. If the problem continues, you may need to replace the fan or the entire HVAC system.

    Menu Changes

    Changing up your menu can cause significant shifts in food production. This increased volume can tax your ventilation system, which could cause your fan system to malfunction or break down.

    Kitchen Remodels

    If you expand or otherwise change up your commercial kitchen layout, you might need a more powerful exhaust fan. A replacement may be needed to keep your air quality pure.

    Reliability Issues

    If your system proves to be unreliable, a complete fan replacement could be in order.

    To prevent these problems, we recommend regular inspections of your fan exhaust system. We can diagnose any issues before they become a problem and can keep the health and fire inspectors from levying fines or proposing shutdowns by keeping your exhaust system in excellent working order.

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    Get Commercial Kitchen Fan Service You Can Trust

    Your restaurant needs a well-working exhaust fan system to provide a sanitized environment for staff while pleasing your customers with a clean dining environment. Aps-Hoods is the recognized leader in HVAC system cleaning, repair, and maintenance, as well as exhaust fan installations, cleaning, and maintenance. We work with you to ensure your model of the system is adequately repaired and maintained and can replace systems or install them as needed.

    We work with all makes and models of exhaust fan equipment and guarantee a quality job well done with every service call.

    Call now to discuss regular cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC and exhaust fans, or their complete replacement if needed. We can also install new fans if your restaurant or commercial kitchen is brand new or if you have recently undergone a remodel.

    Still, have questions or concerns? Contact us in Denver, Colorado, to discuss regular cleaning and maintenance schedules, or the installation of a fan powerful enough to clean your air and keep your food offerings tasting terrific. Call APS-Hoods now, and we can provide you with a free and honest quote.
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