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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Includes complete cleaning of kitchen exhaust hoods, appliances, equipment, floors, walls, ceiling, counters and walk-in refrigerators

Do you find yourself thinking that ‘there just is not enough time to keep our kitchen equipment clean? Appliances and equipment in commercial kitchens are among the hardest things to keep clean, since they are required to endure a lot and are exposed to a lot of abuse. And that’s where APS-Hoods plays a role; we will take on the duty of maintaining an acceptable state for your kitchen, returning your equipment and appliances to an ‘inspection-ready’ state.

The quality of your food will be rendered irrelevant if customers perceive your establishment to be a dirty one. Even if your commercial kitchen looks clean, unpleasant odors emanating from unclean floors, walls, ceilings, underneath counters, tables, walkings, dumpster and dock areas, exhaust hoods, vents, ducts, fans, and filter systems is certain to deter customers. Greasy, clogged systems also present a severe fire hazard and will leave you vulnerable towards governmental fines.

American Professional Services is acknowledged nationwide for our all-inclusive kitchen cleaning services. Our highly-trained crews will not only make your commercial kitchen look spick and span, but they’ll eliminate any unattractive odors as well.

Our comprehensive cleaning process includes:

High pressure and steam exhaust hood cleaning

High pressure and steam cleaning of accessible, connected duct work and rooftop exhaust fans

Grease containment

Grease filter washing

Chemical and/or steam washing of all types of appliances

Chemical and/or steam washing of all surfaces and shelving

Chemical and/or steam washing of all ceilings, walls, and floors

Cleaning and Shelia Shining of all stainless surfaces

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