Commercial HVAC Motor Seal, Repair and Replacement

Commercial HVAC Motor Seal, Repair and Replacement

The HVAC is an essential system, which is required by every commercial restaurant or facility to have a safe and healthy work environment. Failure of this system will disrupt the business operations, affecting the bottomline. As a responsible facility manager, you should always keep a close watch on the motors in the HVAC system. If the efficiency of the motor decreases, the entire HVAC system will not give the best output and the working environment will deteriorate. From time to time, you may need to repair or replace the motor altogether to restore the efficiency of the HVAC system in your large restaurant or commercial kitchen.

A worn out motor will take a toll on the HVAC unit and you may need to invest in a new HVAC system as a result. If you plan to avoid this situation and save money, you should keep the motor in great shape.

What Does an HVAC Motor Do?

The HVAC motor or the blower motor is the main component, which conditions air and then helps the cool air circulate throughout the entire space of your kitchen or other commercial facility. The motor spins the fan which moves the air through ducts and vents for proper ventilation.

Even if it is a small size motor, it has enough potential or power to carry a large amount of conditioned air. Modern motors are a lot more powerful than their earlier versions. But their efficiency can still reduce over time. If your facility is outfitted with an HVAC system, you need to focus on the performance of the motor to have the entire unit functioning with maximum efficiency. The motor has a critical role to function to keep the temperature at the correct level, as stated by the thermostat. A well-maintained motor translates to energy bill savings.

Broadly speaking, HVAC motors can be categorized into: Single-speed Motor and Variable-speed Motor. As the name suggests, a single-speed motor operates at just one speed whereas a variable-speed motor has the efficiency to operate at multiple speeds including both lower and higher.

When Your HVAC Motor Needs a Repair

No matter how powerful the motor of your facility’s HVAC system is, it will experience wear and tear as time passes. If your heating, ventilation and air conditioning is not working properly, the motor is often the culprit. If the motor is faulty, technicians can look into the issue and repair it.

Before a motor gets worn out or fails, it gives some signs through which you can identify there is something wrong with your HVAC unit. 

Key signs of a faulty HVAC motor include:

  • Weak airflow from the vents
  • No airflow comes out of the vents at all
  • Excessively high energy consumption
  • Unusual sounds from the HVAC 
  • Overheating the motor

A faulty or worn out motor has a hard time doing its job. So, the first sign of the problem is little or no airflow at all from the vents. This often happens when the quality of the motor has deteriorated or the accumulation of dirt and dust inside. If the HVAC system of your facility makes some unusual or strange sounds, there can be a problem with the motor. It is also common for a faulty motor to get overheated. An experienced technician will conduct an inspection to diagnose the exact problem with the motor and then fix it, if the motor parts are repairable. 

At APS Hoods, we have a highly competent team of technicians who specialize in the troubleshooting and repair of a wide range of HVAC motors. We offer effective solutions to restore the efficiency of the motor.

When to Replace Your HVAC Motor

Even when most problems in the blower motor can be fixed with a repair, it may not always be the best solution.

Even if you have the HVAC motor repaired by a technician, problems can still arise in the future. Imagine if the blower motor malfunctions over and over again and how it will affect your overall business operations. That is why going for a replacement is a sensible decision in many cases. 

If you have issues with your HVAC motor, you should first reach out to our highly skilled team at APS Hoods and schedule an inspection. Our technicians will get to the root of the problem and then suggest the most ideal solution to resolve the problem. If the issue is repairable and the option is feasible too, our professionals will repair the faulty blower motor in a proper manner. If a repair does not look feasible, you will need to replace the old motor with a new one.

You Should Rely Only on Qualified HVAC Technicians

Whether it is a repair or a replacement, you should always hire an HVAC contractor which has a solid reputation and extensive experience in fixing all types and models of commercial HVAC motors.

That is where the role of APS Hoods gains importance. Our company has specialization in motor seal, repair and replacement. Also, we deal in superior quality blower motors manufactured by reputed brands. Our professionals have expertise in the selection of the right model and size of motor to suit the specific needs of your HVAC system. We employ the latest tools and up-to-the-minute technology to evaluate the efficiency of the motor and can accurately point out which parts have a problem. After an assessment of your facility’s needs, our specialists will provide you the most ideal solution to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Talk to an HVAC Motor Technician

Commercial HVAC systems consume a high amount of emergency and impact the cost of operation in a considerable way. Timely repair and replacement of the blower motor is a surefire way of reducing these expenses. 

If you have noticed problems with your facility’s HVAC system, chances are there are faults in the motor. Talk to one of our highly skilled and qualified HVAC technicians to get an inspection and find the most effective solution to the problem. Our motor seal, repair and replacement services are aimed at bringing down your facility’s operating costs and increase the bottomline. Also, we have a range of top quality, branded HVAC blower motors on sale. You can reach out to us via a quick phone call or write us an email using the contact form.

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