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Aps-Hoods is the industry leader in commercial construction cleaning services. When you need a professional crew to clean up all the sawdust and leftover materials, we are ready to come to your location to get the job done. We are the post-cleanup experts and strive to leave you satisfied with a clutter-free environment, no matter the extent of the project. Call now before or after the construction job is complete, and we will provide you with a free and honest quote.

Construction Cleaning

Here at Aps-Hoods, we take the utmost care to ensure every corner of your newly built or remodeled space is clean, safe, and ready for you to use and enjoy. We follow a standard operating procedure, but where we excel is with our customer-first approach and ability to achieve our customers’ goals. Tell us your goals, and we’ll get to work. Here is how we do it.

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The Commercial Post-Construction Cleaning Process

Rough Cleaning

During this initial phase of the construction cleanup process, we remove and clean all construction debris, which can include dust, caulk, paint overspray, and adhesives. We scrub the windows (including the frames and mullions), sliding glass doors, and glass partitions.

Final CleaningKitchen cleaning

During this phase, we repeat the glass cleaning and add in-depth cleaning to all interior surfaces. When this stage is complete, your space will be ready to move into. To make sure you have a clean and comfortable space with which to move, we clean and sanitize the following before calling this stage complete.


Each cabinet will be cleaned inside and out with a microfiber towel and neutral cleaning agent. The tops will be vacuumed to remove accumulated dust and debris.


We clean the bathrooms from top to bottom, including the fixtures, floors, tubs, counters, showers, mirrors, and wall tiles.

Floors & Baseboards:

As construction cleanup experts, we take special care to clean flooring and baseboards with the utmost attention to detail. This part of the job is completed with special consideration of the type of flooring you have to prevent damage and ensure a polished final product.

Touch Ups

With the first phases of cleaning completed, and after the dust settles in about a week or so, we go back in and wipe down all the horizontal surfaces to ensure the removal of dust and debris. We remove smudges from the countertops and fingerprints from all glass surfaces and walls. We guarantee a stress-free process from beginning to end. Once our cleaning crew is finished, you can settle in and enjoy your newly sanitized environment.

Restaurant Construction Cleaning Services

Did the construction on your restaurant just finish, or are you still in the process of seeing your project through? Call Aps-Hoods and we can discuss the plan to get your restaurant clean and ready for your first patrons. Construction services can make a mess of the interior and exterior of your dining space. Our construction cleaning experts can clean out your kitchen, dining areas, staff areas, storage areas, patio, and parking to get your commercial space ready for opening day.

Why Hire Us Instead of Doing the Job Yourself?

You may be tempted to save money by doing the job yourself. However, be aware that post-construction cleanup can be tedious, and without the necessary experience, training, and equipment, the job can seem neverending. There are three excellent reasons to outsource the project to us, your local construction cleaning experts.

Save Time and Energy

Opening a restaurant or reopening following a construction project can be stressful. With all the logistics to figure out and emergencies to tend to on the big day, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up post-construction. Let us take the time off your hands so you can be your best for your staff and customers when the time comes. We work efficiently and leave your commercial space just as you expect: Spotless.

Safety is Paramount

Construction services can leave nails, screws, and dangerous dust in the unlikeliest of places. We scour every nook and cranny of your restaurant to ensure the construction cleanup is thorough for safety’s sake. Your staff can guarantee a workplace that is free of hazards and your customers can enjoy a space that is cleaned of all contaminants. This leaves you with a clean and completely safe environment that is ideal for pleasing your customers on opening day.

Achieve Your Goals and Save

Aps-Hoods is committed to listening to your goals and following through while adhering to your budget. We know that you want a clean and safe commercial space, and you may think that such services cost a fortune. We can work with you to ensure we provide you with the services you expect for a price you can afford.

Get a Cleaner Restaurant on Your Schedule

Cleaning your restaurant on your own leaves you open to the risk of underestimating how long the project will take. At Aps-Hoods, we understand that time is money. We also get that you must stick to your schedule. That way, your restaurant will be open by the time you have advertised. It would be unfortunate to have customers arrive on the big day only to find sawdust in the corners and smudges on their tabletops. We have worked with all types of restaurants from mom and pops and fast food to fine dining and 24/hour establishments. We have the processes to get the job done fast with ultra-precision. Get in touch with one of our construction cleaning representatives now in Denver, Colorado. At Aps-Hoods, we are known as cleaning professionals with a strong work ethic, transparent communication, and the ability to do a thorough job well done. Call now for a free quote.

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