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The fact of the matter is that the ceiling tiles, walls, and floors that are in your commercial kitchen will begin to look dirty and discolored over the course of time, leaving customers and employees alike with an unfavorable impression of your establishment’s cleanliness practices.

We are an authorized dealer of Ceiling Pro International, the premier company in ceiling and ceiling tile cleaning and restoration in Denver, Colorado. The methods we use to clean the ceiling area are the best in the nation.

Whether your problem involves eradicating water stains from ceiling tiles, walls, or floors, the removal of grease stains, cleaning damage caused by fire or smoke, or simply restoring aged and discolored tiles, walls, or floors back to their original conditions, APS-Hoods has the solution.

We clean a variety of ceiling, wall, and floor surfaces including vinyl tiles and FRP walls, painted ceilings and walls, concrete and ceramic floors, and many more. We also clean the ceiling grids, light lenses, diffusers, and vents.

APS-Hoods’ guaranteed cleaning process returns your discolored tiles or walls to their vibrant, like-new state at a fraction of the costs of replacement. Our professionally-trained staff combines thorough cleaning by hand with industrial steam and pressure washers to sterilize, disinfect, and de-grease your ceiling tiles, walls, or floors until they resemble their original condition.

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