Fire Sprinkler Maintenance: 6 Tips for Between Inspections

Maintaining fire sprinkler systems in Wyoming

Image Source Cheyenne, WY – Fire sprinkler systems are often hard to maintain and are easy to forget about, but making sure that they are kept in good repair all year long is important. In fires where sprinkler systems failed, 69% of them were due to water not reaching the fire. Here are 6 Tips… Read More »

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Restaurant Kitchen Deep Clean: How Long Will the Kitchen be Down and is It Worth It?

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Denver, CO

Image Source Denver, CO – One of the most important, and most overlooked, parts of running a great restaurant is doing a deep clean. While it’s easy to have regular employees do the dishes, wipe the counters, and mop the floors, it’s harder to make time to do the deep cleaning. Deeper cleaning, like cleaning… Read More »

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How to Master Fire Prevention in the Workplace

Workplace Fire Prevention Denver

Source Denver, CO – Each year, fires cause serious damage to property, sometimes even resulting in injury and death. One of the most effective strategies to protect a building against fire is for management to educate everyone on staff regarding methods of fire prevention and urge them to report any possible fire hazards so that… Read More »

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Classifications of Fire Extinguishers

Source Salt Lake City, UT – The majority of restaurateurs understand the importance of fire safety in a commercial kitchen. A single fire outbreak has the potential to cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a commercial kitchen. There is also the risk of causing injury or loss of life if the fire… Read More »

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Signs Your Vent Hood Fans Need Cleaning and/or Replacement

Signs Your Vent Hood Fans Need Cleaning

Source Denver, CO – Most restaurant owners understand the importance of engaging in a regular commercial kitchen cleaning schedule. Keeping cooktops and food preparation areas spotless is crucial for hygiene reasons, but it’s equally as important to ensure that kitchen hood fans and filters remain just as clean. Here’s why. Grease and dust can build… Read More »

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What You Need to Know About Fire Restaurant Safety

Fire Restaurant Safety Tips Los Angeles, CA

Salt Lake City, UT – While restaurants bring a lot of people joy, the fact is they are highly dangerous places. The kitchen is the culprit. Hot equipment, flames, chemicals, and paper products increase the risks of fire significantly. The National Fire Protection Association reports that thousands of establishments report fires every year to the… Read More »

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Are Your Fire Suppression Systems Compliant?

Fire Suppression Systems

Los Angeles, CA – Commercial kitchen facilities are required to uphold fire testing standard UL-300, a policy that has been in place since 1994. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, the organization that created the rules to help commercial kitchens deal with and control property and life-threatening fires. To earn UL 300 certification, which is necessary… Read More »

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The Types of Fires That Plague Commercial Kitchens & How to Prevent Them

fire system service

Denver, CO – Fire is always a threat to commercial kitchens. In fact, a single fire outbreak can cost thousands of dollars in damages, not to mention lead to injury and loss of life. As a restaurant manager, owner, or operator, you should know how to prevent fires from occurring in your restaurant or foodservice… Read More »

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